Our Vision

As we are bringing both taste and health together via our products, we aim to be a global market leader through innovative products, processes, and of course, our high-performing passionate team.


A team that is always trying to produce healthy, rich-tasting, and 100% natural products using the latest technology for our customers worldwide who care about their health.


Our various products range from date products and natural syrups to tahini, chocolate sauce, and many more. All of which elevate daily diet.



Our Mission

We aspire to improve the nutrition quality of meals and snacks for everyone, especially children, whom the future of the world lies in their hands, by providing nutritious and health-oriented products, without sacrificing the taste.


We consider responsibilities beyond business and profit for ourselves. And through honesty, transparency, innovation, and creativity as our core values, we intend to make the world a better place for us and more importantly, for the next generations.


The sun is a symbol of unconditional generosity for the world, and with the slogan “the taste of sunshine”, we hope to bring the same generosity, kindness, and health to you using our products.

کمک به بهبود کیفیت تغذیه انسانها مخصوصا کودکان که آینده جهان در درستان آنهاست از طریق تولید محصولات غنی و سلامت محور. ما برای خود مسئولیتی فراتر از تجارت قائل هستیم و دوست داریم که از طریق صداقت، شفافیت، نوآوری و خلاقیت بتوانیم جهان را حتی به اندازه کوچک جایی بهتر برای زندگی خود و نسلهای بعدی خود بکنیم، آفتاب نماد بخشندگی و تابندگی بی قید و شرط برای تمام جهان میباشد و ما با شعار به طعم آفتاب امیدواریم که بخشندگی و مهربانی و سلامتی را بتوانیم با محصولات خود به شما ببخشیم.


تیزر تبلیغاتی مدیر عامل نیکی تجارت فراز آریا