Ramyar Dasht Kavir Co. started its activity in 2017 under the brand “Hi Date”. Since then, we have always tried to produce healthy, delicious, and 100% natural products such as date syrup, date paste, date vinegar, date paste, grape syrup, mulberry syrup, tahini, halva, sugar-free chocolate sauces, and sugar-free breakfast spread using modern equipment, the latest technology, specialized crews, and experts.


In order to expand our growing markets on a global scale, “Niki Tejarat Faraz Arya” was established as our international commercial department in 2022. This company is currently operating in global markets to provide first-class services in international trading and introduce health-oriented products in the target markets.


Our production capacity exceeds +3000 metric tons, ready for exporting worldwide. For our health-conscious customers in different parts of the world, we offer premium products such as:


  • Prime Dates: A wide variety of prime dates including Kabkab, Mazafati, Khasoei, etc. farmed in exclusive fields.
  • Date Products: In addition to top-quality dates, we also produce high-quality products such as date syrup, sliced dates, sugar-free date chocolate sauces, date vinegar, date paste, date seed powder, etc.
  • Sesame Products: Rich and strong-tasting sesame halva, double roasted, and white tahini.
  • Natural Syrups: Healthy alternatives to traditional sweeteners to elevate all foods and drinks, produces with the best dates, figs, mulberries, and grapes.

And many more, as you can see in our catalog.



Producing premium dates and date products are at the heart of our company, and we make sure to use only the best fruits and equipment to prepare the final products. We do this through our exclusive farms and cutting-edge factories.