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As ambitious as it sounds, one may actually concentrate what mother nature has to offer, both in flavor as well as nutrients, in the form of a thick, natural substance that can be preserved for a considerable amount of time.

At Nikimars, we offer natural and high-quality products such as date syrup, mulberry syrup, grape syrup, and fig syrup from the finest fruits; available to buy online wholesale. Perfect for adding a dash of healthy sweetness to various beverages, drinks, desserts, etc.

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What Are Fruit Syrups?

In simple terms, a fruit syrup is concentrated fruit juice. However, depending on the fruit, which knows no boundaries, the process of making syrups vary. For example, in order to make grape syrup, the juice is boiled until it reaches the preferred concentration and thickness.

On the other hand, to prepare date, syrup, or fig syrup, the fruits are mixed with water and later boiled. Finally, the concentrated juice is separated from the fruit pulp. Another method that helps preserve the benefits of the final product (especially natural date syrup), is compressing the fruits.



Regular Syrups vs. Industrial Syrups

Despite what many may imagine, homemade syrups are not better substitutes for date syrup or similar products that are in fact commercial made in automated factories. But what is the reason?

Reliable brands have a precise and strict process for choosing the fruits which will additionally be controlled and approved by the QC. More importantly, because industrial syrups are prepared in vacuum boilers, the product is prepared more quickly at a lower temperature.

Therefore, syrups will offer more nutrients. And since the sugar experiences less heat, it will not burn, and the final product will be lighter in color. A feature that can help you in distinguishing prime products.


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Natural Syrups: Benefits and Uses

natural and even non-natural syrups are as beneficial as one may expect while offering a wide variety of uses. First, the benefit of fresh fruit is not lost thanks to modern no-cook methods or less cooking time with lower temperatures.

Each syrup, whether it is date syrup, mulberry syrup, grape syrup, or fig syrup, provides a steady supply of energy.

Although they increase blood sugar levels, they have several differences compared to normal sugar. First, they are rich in minerals and vitamins, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Additionally, the sugar content in these syrups mainly consists of fructose. Therefore, the body does not need insulin to burn them. The fructose also makes these products gut-friendly helping in better digestion.

A part form giving better flavors to cold or sparkling water, cocktails and punch, baked goods, marinades, sauces, etc., these syrups can even aid in weightless journeys, allowing natural sugar from time to time that can be decreased gradually. Properties that make finding a better substitute for date syrup and other products of our company difficult.


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How We Make Our Natural Syrups

The sweet journey of our products starts with picking ripe fruits from exclusive fields with strict quality control. Next, they are stored in special rooms with ideal conditions.

After sorting and initial control tests, the prime fruits enter the production line to be washed, pre-cooked, separated, filtered, concentrated, filtered once more, pasteurized, and packaged. Finally, they are stored in the quarantine warehouse, and later the final warehouse.



Professional Monitoring from Start to Finish

For our customers who buy dates syrup online wholesale or our other products, Nikimars’s QC team ensures the quality of both raw material and the result in each step.

From arriving fresh fruit to storing them, entering the production line to finishing its stages, controlling the product pre- and post-packaging, and storing in the quarantine and final warehouse; in each stage, the technical manager and quality control team keep track of the process. The condition of the production line and warehouses is constantly monitored as well.


Automated Process with Modern Equipment

All our wholesale products, including date syrup, mulberry syrup, grape syrup, and fig syrup, are prepared using modern equipment operating with the highest standards.

Their function is continuously monitored by the automation system as well as the technical unit. A process that as mentioned earlier, elevates date syrup benefits and uses and other products.


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Buy Syrup Online in Wholesale

At Nikimars, we offer natural and high-quality syrups from the finest fruits with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives; available to buy online wholesale.

To buy dates syrup online in wholesale and other natural syrups, contact us via our website. And to find more information about each syrup, click on the icons above the page.