Date Halva

Date halva or date halva is one of the types of halva that is very tasty and delicious. Halvahs are always a good source of energy. Now, when combined with dates, their energy and properties increase a lot. This halvah is therefore very suitable for the holy month of Ramadan and can restore the body’s depleted energy. You can prepare this halva as a healthy snack for your children and family and make sure that they want a healthy snack. You can use any type of date you like to prepare this halva. Today, I will teach you a house date with wheat flour. Join us.

Ingredients for preparing date halva with flour

  • Wheat flour 150 grams
  • 300 grams of dates
  • Liquid oil 150 grams
  • Cinnamon powder 1/2 tbsp
  • Ginger 1/4 teaspoon tea
  • Coconut powder and pistachio powder to decorate as needed

Step 1: Prepare the dates

First, it is better to wash the dates, then you separate the kernels, and you can also take the skin of the dates, then pour it into a bowl and mash the dates well with the back of a fork or electric meat grinder until it is smooth.

Step 2: Roast the flour

First, sift the flour twice to lighten it, then pour it into the pan and fry the flour well until it smells like raw flour and changes color slightly, then take it out of the pan and sift it again and return it to the pan.

Step 3: Fry the flour

Add the liquid oil to the flour and fry it over a gentle heat until the halva changes color completely and is light brown in color. You should stir quickly and constantly so that it does not burn.

Step 4: Prepare halva

Then we add date puree to the above ingredients and mix well until it is smooth, then add cinnamon and ginger and fry, reduce the heat very much until the halva reaches a sufficient consistency, then remove from the heat and pour into a tray. Garnish with pistachio and coconut powder. Enjoy your meal

Key points in preparing Majlisi date halva

  1. You can pour the halva ingredients into a silicone mold and prepare a mold for this halva.
  2. Adding ginger is optional.
  3. If you want to have a uniform halva, grind the dates to make them soft and tender.
  4. Use a little rose water if you wish.
  5. You can use butter instead of oil.

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