There are plenty of different types of dates available which not only vary in their taste, size and texture but also in their nutrition values

 Muslims across the world break their Ramadan fast with a date as it was guided by the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Although dates are loaded with a diverse profile of nutrients, carbohydrates and sugars contribute the most which makes them one of the best sources of instant energy and nutrition after a long day of fasting.

There are plenty of different types of dates available which not only vary in their taste, size and texture but also in their nutrition values.

Since carbohydrates and sugar are major contents of nutrition profile of a date, it is best to be able to identity them on sight. One should know that all dates are a great source of nutrients and thus offer plenty of healthy benefits.

Since dates are dried fruit, they are significantly higher in calories compared to other fresh fruit and therefore one should keep in mind that they should be consumed in moderate quantities.

“Dietary Fibers”

Though a majority of the calories in dates come from carbohydrates and sugar, they also contain some vital vitamins, minerals and a significant amount of fiber .

Speaking of dietary fibers, dates on an average contain 7g to 9g of dietary fibers per 100g which is almost four times as compared to spinach for the same quantity, and almost five times compared to the same quantity of mangoes.

Dietary Fibers are great for the health of our gut, it helps keep blood sugars in control, promotes smooth bowel movements amongst many other health benefits.

“Other Health Benefits of Dates”

Flavonoids in dates are powerful antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and have been studied for their potential role in reducing the risk of diabetes, alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer.

Carotenoids in dates have been proven to promote heart health and also reduce the risk of eye-related disorders, such as macular degeneration.

Phenolic acids in dates are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and also help lower the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in dates are known for their potential to prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis and overall bone health.

Fructose in dates is a natural sugar and makes for a healthier substitute to white sugar in recipes due to the nutrients, fiber and antioxidants present in them.

What is the best type of date?
Perhaps one of the main questions that has always plagued those interested in consuming dates is what is the difference between dates and what is the best type of date and which type of date is more valuable and what is the best type of date.
In fact, the variety of dates available in the Iranian and world markets is not small. According to some sources, there are more than 400 types of dates in Iran, but perhaps only about 30 to 40 samples of this number of dates most people have ever consumed or know.
The problem becomes more complicated when we see that some models of dates with the logo of commercial companies are available in Iran. In fact, dates are not only one of the most important agricultural products of Iran, but also a large amount of it is exported annually to different countries around the world. Of course, it should not be ignored that some types of dates, especially from Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Egypt, also enter the Iranian market.
With this description, the type of date should definitely be involved in its quality. This means that dates are definitely not of the same quality and have differences with each other, now this difference can be categorized in terms of dates and the type of dates and using the durability and freshness of dates to classify them.
Unfortunately, due to incorrect methods, large quantities of dates harvested in groves are lost annually, while some companies and unfair traders bring fresh dates into the market by storing fresh dates.
Traditional methods of packaging or unhealthy methods of harvesting and packaging have also led to the misrepresentation of some sources regarding the non-use of dates. While the nutritional value of fresh and quality dates is so high that no nutritionist can deny it.
Therefore, the best type of dates should be examined from two perspectives
The best type of dates to buy and the best type of dates in terms of date type.
Studies show that eating refined sugar reduces energy, and when the body consumes calories rich in vitamins and minerals, it converts it into fuel, which reduces energy.
The good news is that nature offers us incredible food in very sweet packages.
One of these foods is dates and as a portable snack it is easily paired with nuts.
Dates provide both your sweets and the nutrients your body needs.
Dates are one of the products of tropical and subtropical regions.
This nutritious and healthy fruit has different textures. Available in dry and soft form.
Dates are very diverse. About twenty-one types of dates are grown in different regions. In the following, we will introduce some of them.
Dates can be used to prepare snacks or desserts such as Ranginak, which is specific to Khuzestan, and dates – coconut

Types of dates
Depending on the type of cultivation and the growing area of ​​dates, there are different types of palm trees of this fruit, some of which are:
• piarom date dates
• shahani dates
•mazafati  Dates
• Zahedi dates
• kabkab dates
• Rabbi dates
• Barhi dates
• khasoie dates
• shekar dates
• gantar dates
• estamaran dates
• Al-Mehtari dates
• Mardasang dates
• Ajwa dates
• Anbar dates
• Safavi dates
• Saghai dates
• Khedri dates
• Modjool dates
• khalas dates
Piarom dates
This date is known as the most luxurious and expensive types of dates in Iran, which originates from Hormozgan province (Hajiabad region) in southern Iran.
Pyarum palms are mostly grown in a wide range of mountains and irrigation basin areas.
It should be noted that there are forty types of dates in Hormozgan province, most of which are cultivated in different parts of the province, including Pyaram, Mardar Sang, Zard, and Al-Mokhtari.
Haji Abad is the only area in the history of Pyaram that is cultivated and dates are grown organically and there are no chemicals in the harvesting process.
These dates are fleshy and semi-dry, with a moisture content of 15%, which is usually harvested in early autumn.
In international markets, Pyaram dates are known as date chocolate because of their unique taste and shape.
Pyaram dates are filled with protein and other minerals and have a nutritious and quality nutritional value.
Benefit of Piarom dates

This date has fiber that is very useful for the digestive system and is a rich source of potassium, which is very necessary to prevent high blood pressure and strengthens the nerves.
In addition, one of the properties of Pyaram dates is that it has a lot of magnesium and is effective for muscles.
Consumption of these dates is unrestricted for people with diabetes.
These dates are used in various ways, including:
• With cereals
• In puddings, bread, cakes, cookies, ice cream
• Powder (date sugar)
• Jams, jellies, juices, juices
• Vinegar or alcohol


Shahani dates
Shahani dates are one of the types of dates in Iran. This date is slender and has a narrow tip, which is often seen as light brown.
Kings are a variety of wet and soft dates.
However, it is also available in dark brown and slightly yellow.
Although royal dates are cultivated in different cities of Iran, but the main land that cultivates these dates is Fars province.
benefit of royal dates
shahani  dates are rich in minerals, iron and magnesium and are a heart pacemaker and heart rate regulator in traditional medicine.
Contrary to some consumers’ beliefs, king dates do not have high cholesterol and regulate blood cholesterol levels.
This substance is high in iron and is very useful for people with anemia.
In addition, due to its high fiber content, it is also useful for the stomach and digestive system

shahani date

Mazafati dates
Mazafati date is one of the Iranian date products which is one of the most important and famous types of dates that grow in Khuzestan (Behbahan region) of Iran.
The best Mazafati dates in Iran are among the most valuable and delicious dates in Iran and the world. And it is of interest to many people.
This type of date is not dry and its storage conditions are in the temperature range of five degrees Celsius.
Although most dates can be stored at different temperatures, it is recommended to keep Bam dates away from the sun in the refrigerator, as it will reduce the storage time of the product.
Rotab Mazafati is harvested in late summer and its skin is black, shiny, thin and smooth, which is the most delicious variety of dates in the world.
The city of Bam in Iran has the best supplier of Mazafati dates and wholesale of this type of dates.
These dates are useful for preparing nectar, natural sugar, liquid sugar, various foods and sweets, chipboard, industrial alcohol, chocolate, etc.
Zahedi date
This semi-dry date has a sweet taste that has a smooth and shiny skin.
This date has a yellowish golden color and is full of juice, which is used for cooking and food.
Zahedi arrives at the end of the date growing period. And is used as food storage in seasons when food products are scarce.

zagedi dates

Dates of Rabi
Rabi date, which is a product of Sistan and Baluchestan, has a high nutritional value due to its natural sugar.
This date is also a good substitute for sugar.
The ingredients of this product are lactose and fructose, which are rich in natural sugars.
Its use is not harmful to people with high blood sugar and it needs hot and dry air for breeding.
Growth of rabbi dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province is booming due to its ability to withstand water shortages.
On the other hand, the fruit of this type of date tree grows very fast next to Mazafati dates, which is also part of the region’s dates.
Another type of date with dark red skin is very popular.
It also has different sizes and its good type has an elongated appearance and is about 4 to 5 cm long, which is semi-dry and fleshy.
One year without refrigeration is one of the most important benefits of Rabbi dates.
Lamb dates
This product is from the soft and wet date family. It has a caramel taste, brown sugar and high sweetness.
It tastes very pleasant and eating a few of it provides daily energy.
This date is one of the most popular samples due to its taste and quality.
The main source of this type of date is Iraq, but it is also planted in Khuzestan and southern regions of Iran.
Special dates
A special date is a product of Iran and the city of Behbahan, which is one of the sweetest dates and has a small size.
It is recommended to eat about five dates a day, but if you eat a particular date, you can eat fifteen a day.
Properties of special dates
Its amount of iron, potassium and magnesium is almost high.
On the other hand, people with bone problems or anemia can use certain dates.
These dates can be stored for scarce seasons.
Dates of sugar or sugar
The word “sugar” means sugar in Arabic.
The main feature of sucrose dates is that they become very sweet.
Sucre dates have a soft texture when ripe and become drier and crispier as they ripen.
One of the properties of sucrose dates is to prevent tooth decay.

robi dates

Gentar dates
It is one of the soft and wet dates, which can be used both in Khark and Rutab.
Colonial dates
It is one of the dates planted in Khuzestan region.
It is of semi-dry type, and has the highest amount of sugar among all types of dates.
khazravi dates
It is a type of soft date and can be used as Khark and Rotab.
This date has entered Iran like a lamb from the Iraqi groves.
mordasang date
It is one of the second and third grade dates that is grown in Kerman.
Its production is low and limited to the same region.
Ajwa date
It is of soft and dry dates. It softens when placed in the mouth.
It has been narrated from the past that it has healing properties.
This date is grown in Saudi Arabia.
Anbara dates
This model has a small core and a fleshy appearance and has many fans.
It is one of the most expensive types of dates and has a lot of protein.
Safavi dates
It is in the category of soft and meaty dates and is rich in vitamins.
It is cultivated in Medina and has healing properties and plays an important role in the health of the stomach and intestines.
Saghay dates
This date is fresher and is cultivated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is available in two colors

“Best Tip for Diabetics”

With respect to diabetics, we recommend Eating Ajwa as they are small so accounts for fewer calories and sugar or Mabroom as they are amongst the highest dietary fibre and lowest in carbs.

Removing the seeds of the Dates and filling the date with Cinnamon Powder further increases the Dietary Fibre which helps in better control of Blood Sugars compared to eating a date by itself.

If Not cinnamon Powder, added an Almond or a Walnut also will relatively have better blood sugar control compared to eating a date by itself.

(This is not to treat or cure any medical condition. Always Consult and keep your medical professionals in loop before making any modifications to your diet or lifestyle)

For General population it’s best to try and add all the varieties of dates on rotation to reap maximum benefits that each type of date has to offer.

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